What is steeplechess

Steeplechess is a modern sport combining two disciplines - run and chess. These two disciplines has not been combined before as they are normally dominated by athlets of very different nature.

The rules:

1. The track has approximatelly 250m with two hurdles

2. The tables, each one with one chessboard, are located in two exact opposite points of the track, the hurdles are in the middle between them, one on each side.

3. Two players play/run against each other two classic chess games at the same time. Each player starts on his/her chessboard at the same moment.

4. After each move, the player runs in anti-clock wise direction on the track to the second chessboard. Moves, runs to the next board etc. The main principle is - whoever comes first to the chessboard plays first. The decisive line is 6 meters in front of the chessboard.

5. It is not necessary to move - the player may pass the chessboard and run to the second chessboard if this should me beneficial for him/her.

6. The winner of the first game becomes the winner of the steeplechess duel. The game is also over if any of the players makes move against the chess rules.

World premiere of steeplechess

The historically first competition in steeplechess took place in Říčany, Czech Republic, on Friday 13th April 2012 at 17:00 in Sokolak.

List of participants:

Martina Kořenová

David Michalička

David Rožek

Tomáš Pračka

Petr Němeček

Radek Mátl

Jan Kršňák

Jaroslav Kršňák

 World premier steeplechess game was played between Martina Kořenová and Tomáš Pračka.

GAME AMartina KořenováTomáš PračkaGAME BTomáš PračkaMartina Kořenová

The game took 9:35 minutes, Tomáš Pračka became the first historical winner of the steeplechess game. The two athlets run approximatelly 2000m during the game.


Other games played on the first day (winners in bold):

Jaroslav Kršňák - Jan Kršňák

David Michalička - Petr Němeček

Vladimír Kořen - David Rožek

Tomáš Pračka - Radek Mátl



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